Interior Design Trends For Luxury Yachts

Beauty on the inside and out! Many know that having the right interior design on a luxury yacht is equally important as any other feature.

If you’re going to be spending a bit of time on your vessel, then having a luxurious interior to go with it will surely see you enjoy it in style.

More people are now leaning towards luxury styles when it comes to decorating their boats and choosing a theme for the styling.

From the carpeting to the panels, upholstery, doors, lights, mattresses, and even the windows, people are opting for a more grandiose style to complement their yacht.

With various trends that people follow, here are some of the best ideas that you could incorporate.

Luxury Yacht Interior

Luxury Yacht Interior Design Trends

Eco-Friendly Innovations

In these modern times, the stress on sustainable items is in high demand. These types of materials or objects are becoming more widely available. Even luxury yachts have started to adopt these trends.

With various designs and innovations on the market, people have a lot of options to choose from. Many opt for bamboo furniture and fixtures (like stools, benches, carpets, etc.), adding an exotic yet sustainable style to their boats.

Some owners also go for recycled wood furniture, LED lighting, and more environmentally friendly items to kit out their vessel.

Unordinary Layout Styles

Over the years, people accustomed to luxury yachts started getting bored of the mundane and predictable interiors. Some even joked that they could walk around freely with a blindfold due to every yacht they go on having the same layout.

Thus, many luxury yachts are getting a refreshed ‘makeover’ where they change the furniture styles, materials, and overall décor the the interiors. More extensive exterior decks and smaller saloons are an example of these changes.

Beautiful Leather and Vinyl

Classic yet modern leather (or faux leather) is still in the trend. Many luxury yacht owners gravitate towards leather and vinyl items for their interiors because it often delivers a sophisticated look.

It’s also a fairly easy material to maintain with professional leather and vinyl cleaning services performed annually.

Practical and Sleek Glass

Glass is also rising in the trend due to the sheer “classy” appearance that it can give to a yacht interior. Some also appreciate the beauty of the sea that the glass harmonises with.

Glass panels, doors, tables, windows, etc., are some of the go-to ideas that one may try and there is an emergence of space-expanding glass designs that add a lot of grandeur.

Quality Carpeting

Some go for marine plywood while others like the soft feeling of carpet on their feet. Many people opt for synthetic carpet due to the elements that the carpeting will be exposed to such as saltwater, sand, mud, and other dirty materials.

Getting The Best Interior Design For Your Vessel

Choosing the interiors for your boat, yacht, ship, schooner, catamaran, houseboat, or whatever type of vessel you prefer is important not only for style, but for comfort and practicality too.

Leather and vinyl are great options for marine upholstery on the seats because they are heavy-duty and are less likely to show stains and marks.

Synthetic carpeting is another great choice for the same reasons. Choosing natural fibres such as wool and cotton are not practical for this type of environment and is not recommended for the furniture.

We recommend synthetic materials all around to make cleaning and maintenance easier in addition to longevity.

Experience The Best Yacht Interior Cleaning Service

We can clean all of the upholstery on your vessel including cushions, mattresses, bench seats, chairs, leather, vinyl, trim, and more!