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PRO Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane will come to you anywhere in the Brisbane metropolitan area. We will clean, sanitise, and deodorise your upholstery while also treating any stains or marks it may have. We're the upholstery cleaning experts and can clean all types of upholstery including couches, lounges, sofas, chairs, seats, armchairs, leather, and more.

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The importance of professional upholstery cleaning should not be underestimated. As upholstery gets older, it becomes increasingly difficult to keep up the appearance that we want. But, by getting professional upholstery cleaning, you can help to increase the lifespan of your furniture and keep it looking fresher and cleaner for longer.

Additionally, getting upholstery stain protection treatment, commonly known as Scotchgard protection, can greatly contribute to increasing the lifespan of your upholstered surfaces. This behaves as a protective film on the surface of your upholstered furnishings, and aids in the prevention of stains and marks.

We can also work with a variety of different types of fabrics such as linen, cotton, polypropylene, polyethylene, wool, silk, olefin, microfiber, and much more. Our professional upholstery cleaners can utilise a variety of different cleaning processes such as steam cleaning, hot water extraction, dry cleaning, encapsulation cleaning, and more to deliver amazing results.

Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane

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Professional Upholstery Cleaning

Upholstery cleaning has become more important than ever with the increase in the number of people with allergies, asthma, and other illnesses. Allergy symptoms can be minimised if you have upholstery that is dust free and doesn't contain any type of pollen. This will reduce the risk of having a reaction to dust or pollen.

Allergens and bacteria can be attracted to upholstery and they can cause problems for people. This can include rashes, sneezing, and itching. It also causes the user to develop a cough. You will also find that you tend to become more tired when you have an allergic reaction to dust or pollen.

Upholstery cleaning is also necessary because of mould, mildew, and bacteria that can build up inside the fibres. You will need professional upholstery cleaning services to take care of this issue and to try and prevent it as well.

Upholstery cleaning is one of the most necessary tasks that someone should perform in their home or business. There is no point in having a beautiful lounge or sofa if it is full of dust and allergens.

The right cleaners are very much needed for your upholstery to look its best. There are a lot of factors that should be considered when looking for upholstery cleaning Brisbane services.

Firstly, the size of the upholstery should be considered. If the upholstery is big in size, then there will be a lot of room for dust to accumulate in the area. This will then lead to the growth of mold and other allergens. Therefore, you should have the right equipment to get the job done properly.

The cleaners must use proper equipment to clean the upholstery in such a way that there is no risk of allergens or germs being released. We use a vacuum cleaning manufacturer that is an approved partner of the National Asthma Council of Australia under their Sensitive Choice® community service program.

The cleaning process needs to be thorough so that there is no risk of causing any damage. If the company is not careful, they could be performing a couch steam cleaning service with too much water and heat than the couch can handle, which could result in browning or mould growth.

Professional upholstery cleaning services in Brisbane should use various cleaning processes, methods, and techniques to clean the upholstery. They will make use of upholstery cleaning chemicals as well. These chemicals should not be harmful to the surrounding environment. However, it is important that these chemicals are used properly.

If they are not used properly then there is a risk of the upholstery being damaged. The cleaning chemicals that are used by the professionals are safe to use because they are approved. They are also safe to use in the home and will not harm your family. However, they also need to make sure that the chemical that is used is safe for the upholstery to remain intact.

A person looking for professional upholstery cleaning experts in Brisbane will want to talk to someone who has experience in this type of cleaning. A cleaning company will be able to show a homeowner the different methods that are used in cleaning upholstery.

These different methods will help a person understand what is necessary in order to get the best cleaning possible. PRO Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane offers two of the best cleaning methods to get the job done:

Upholstery Steam Cleaning

Steam cleaning upholstery is a very popular method that can deliver great results when it comes to stains and heavily soiled pieces of upholstery. Due to the different types of fibres and materials used in upholstery construction, not every material can be safely steam cleaned.

Certain types of materials cannot handle heat or high levels of moisture so steam cleaning would not be a safe option for them. Our technicians will inspect your upholstery before commencing our service to determine the best possible method to use for the best results.

Upholstery Dry Cleaning

Dry cleaning upholstery utilises a low moisture cleaning method that is extremely effective at removing stains and tackling heavily soiled areas. This type of clean can be performed on any type of upholstery unlike steam cleaning and is a very effective way to get a hygienic clean.

Due to the low moisture levels and different chemicals used, this method requires far less drying time and the solution does not need to be extracted. If our technicians determine that steam cleaning isn't the best option, then they utilise this method to clean your upholstery.

Professional cleaners will ensure that there is no spillage of the cleaning chemicals. and they will also ensure that there is no damage done to the upholstery as well. There are specific types of upholstery fabrics that are more difficult to clean than others. For example, the most difficult type of upholstery cleaning could be cleaning linen. A person looking for an upholstery cleaning service will have to see if their chosen company offers this type of service. If not, it may be better to hire a professional upholstery cleaning company that can offer the type of cleaning that they need.

Make sure that the upholstery cleaner you hire is capable of performing a variety of different services such as leather furniture cleaning, fabric lounge cleaning, cleaning recliners, fabric sofa cleaning, mould removal, deep cleaning, upholstery dry cleaning, cleaning delicate fabric, car upholstery cleaning, fabric lounges, removing stains, or anything else that may concern you.

If your upholstery is in need of a clean then don't hesitate to contact PRO Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane. We can work with any type of upholstery including outdoor furniture, cushions. ottomans, cars, boats, planes, and so much more. Contact us to arrange a booking and we will perform our amazing service to freshen up your upholstery and make it hygienically clean.


We promise to provide the most outstanding upholstery cleaning experience you've ever tried!

Your Brisbane Upholstery Cleaning Experts

A person looking for an upholstery cleaning Brisbane service should also look at the quality of the cleaning materials that are used. Some people do not want to have their upholstery cleaned with chemicals that may be dangerous.

The right professional upholstery cleaning service provider will have all the tools they need to properly clean their upholstery. A homeowner looking for an upholstery cleaning service will want to discuss the types of services that they will need to get the job done.

The prices will depend on the services and the size of the furniture in the home. If the homeowner is not sure how much they need to get done, a professional upholstery cleaning company may be able to find a good price that will cover all of the items in the home.

A professional upholstery cleaning company in Brisbane will be able to show a homeowner the different types of tools and cleaning processes that can be used in the cleaning of the upholstery.

This is why you need to be sure that you're dealing with professional upholstery cleaners who know what they're doing and how to clean different types of upholstery to the correct standards. The cleaning should be carried out regularly, usually every six to twelve months and this can be done properly by a professional upholstery cleaning company. It’s essential that professional cleaning is done regularly if someone is very sensitive to dust and other allergens.

Stain removal is another factor, but it’s important to know that a stain could already be permanent before a clean is commenced. 90% of the damage caused by a spillage is done within the first hour of it being in contact with a surface. Regardless, PRO Upholstery Cleaning Brisbane knows how to properly treat different types of stains if they have a chance of being removed. We have everything in our arsenal to remove stains on different types of upholstery including fabric upholstery and leather furniture.

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Prolongs the life of upholstery
We pre-vacuum before cleaning

Complimentary deodorising

Removal of dirt and bacteria
Stain treatment inclusive
Fast Drying Times

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