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PRO Mattress Cleaning Brisbane are the simplest and most efficient way to get your mattress back to its former glory. There is no better way to do this than our professional mattress cleaning service.

A clean mattress is more pleasant and appealing, but it is also essential for health and hygiene. It can also help to reduce rashes and allergies, so regular deep cleaning from a professional company is recommended.

If you suffer from hay fever or asthma then a clean mattress can really make a difference. Not to mention all the dirt and bacteria that accumulates over time. Get in touch with us today to get a quote and schedule a booking and freshen up your mattress. 

    Benefits You Get From Our Brisbane Mattress Cleaning Service

    Dry within hours
    Prolongs the life of your mattress
    Relief for asthma and allergy sufferers
    Removal of dirt and bacteria
    Stain treatment inclusive

    Quality Service

    Hygienic Clean

    Fast Drying Times

    Trained Professionals

    Professional Mattress Cleaning Brisbane Service

    Most people use their mattress every day. But there is no question that it is easily one of the least clean items in your home.

    Mattresses can trap dead skin, as well as the bacteria that like to feed on it. In addition, mattresses will trap all of the built-up dust and sweat deep in its fibres. Routine cleaning can alleviate allergies, rashes, and many avoidable health conditions as a result.

    Most experts recommend cleaning and flipping your mattresses at least twice each year. The only way to ensure that your bed is adequately cleaned is to hire a professional company such as PRO Upholstery Cleaning.

    Mattress Cleaning
    Expert Mattress Cleaning Brisbane

    How To Make Your Mattress Last Longer

    Be sure to give your mattress a thorough vacuuming every few months or so.

    Also, don’t forget to flip your mattress and get both sides to vacuum as much particles from the fabric as possible.

    Additionally, it would be best to give your mattress a good airing out by placing it outside in a sunny spot.

    This can help prevent moisture that is building up in the mattress, keeping mould at bay. After a few hours, your mattress should be fresher and cleaner.

    Aside from regular vacuuming, flipping, and airing out, the next best course of action is utilising our professional mattress cleaners every 12 months for a deep clean.

    PRO Mattress Cleaning Brisbane services can give you all the results you are looking for and more!

    Aids in eliminating the bacteria and dust mites responsible for so many breathing problems and even asthma

    Can eliminate bacteria living on the mattress

    It can remove any tough stains or built-up dirt on the mattress surface

    Most importantly, it can make your mattress fresh and odour-free

    Can destroy bed bugs as well as their eggs. Sometimes insecticides alone will not be able to kill these pests, and a deep clean is needed to break through the bed bug’s resistant shells

    Can destroy moths or moth eggs present. It can also prevent any current moth eggs from spreading, which could damage other household fabrics

    Mattress Cleaning Brisbane

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    Mattress Cleaning Process

    Our mattress cleaning Brisbane service is very thorough and consists of multiple stages to deliver you the best possible result:

    ✓ Pre-Inspection: Our technician will begin by inspecting the material and condition of your mattress to identify stains, marks, soilage, damage, loose threads, and other areas of concern

    ✓ Pre-Vacuum: The entire mattress will be vacuumed to remove dry particulate, dust mites, and other contaminants to prepare the fabric for cleaning

    ✓ Stain Treatment: We will then pre-treat stains and marks so that they can begin to break down

    ✓ Pre-Spray: We will now spray a specialised cleaning solution containing a cleaning agent, anti-bacterial and anti-microbial deodoriser, and a organic matter destroyer

    ✓ Deep Cleaning: Our technician will deep clean your mattress and clean every inch of fabric including the back and sides.

    ✓ Speed Drying: We will now strategically place a turbo air dryer and point it at your mattress to enhance our already fast drying times 

    ✓ Post-Inspection: Now, the entire mattress will be inspected to ensure the best possible result has been achieved and we will show you how it looks

    Local Mattress Cleaners Near You

    The best way to keep your mattress fresh and clean is to get an organisation such as PRO Upholstery Cleaning to give it a proper clean; however, there are a few tricks you can try at home to keep your mattress well maintained on your own.

    Mattresses are often neglected and not treated as often as they should be. The only way to ensure your mattresses are in peak condition is to hire the best professional mattress cleaner Brisbane has to offer. A well-maintained mattress will last you years and is very beneficial for your health and hygiene.

    PRO Mattress Cleaning Brisbane will come to you anywhere in the Brisbane metropolitan area to clean, sanitise, and deodorise your mattress. Our expert mattress cleaners know the best methods and techniques to clean a mattress and will be happy to freshen up yours.

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