Fabric Protection Treatment

Fabric protection protects and adds value to your furniture. Whether you have a leather sofa, leather chairs, vinyl sofa, fabric lounges, or even a microfibre armchair, getting upholstery protection treatment can add years of life to your furniture.

You may have heard of Scotchgard fabric and upholstery protection spray, and this is basically what upholstery protection treatment is, just with a different solution that we believe is superior.

Fabric protection can be compared to protecting a home with a home security system. The home security system will protect the home so the homeowner does not have to worry about the upholstery until it’s disturbed. When upholstery is distributed, ie: a spillage occurs, it needs to be treated immediately in order to prevent a stain from setting in.

    The upholstery fibre protection treatment helps this process but aiding in keeping the spillage on the surface level of the fabric rather than seeping down deeper and causing a stain. You still need to soak up the spillage immediately, but depending on the spillage and the type of fabric, a stain could have been avoided entirely.

    Please be aware that fabric protection treatment works best when it's applied on upholstery that has just been cleaned or is brand new. We highly recommend that your upholstery gets professionally cleaned first and then has protection applied. If you just want protection applied without any cleaning done and the furniture is not brand new, please be aware that it will not be as effective in doing its intended purpose.

    Benefits You Get From Our Brisbane Fabric Protection Service

    Prolongs the life of your upholstery
    Aids in stain prevention
    Fabric looks cleaner for longer

    Makes general maintenance easier
    Hypoallergenic film coating
    Improved durability of upholstery

    Helps protect against spills and resoiling

    Benefits of Fabric Protection Treatment

    Homeowners who choose this type of protection now do not have to worry about their furniture getting dirty as quickly.

    Most upholstery protection is made from a water-repellent that will keep your furniture looking new and clean. This can add years of life to the furniture.

    Another of the protection benefits is that your furniture will be more protected from stains and other damage.

    Fabric protection spray protects your furniture from the elements and can keep your furniture looking new and looking clean for years.

    Fabric Protection
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    Most people are familiar with this service because of Scotchgard fabric and upholstery protector. We use a product that works on the same premise in terms of protecting your upholstery, but one that we also believe is far superior and will benefit you much more.

    You can choose from a variety of protection products, such as upholstery protectors and leather protectors, but we will handle everything if you choose to get upholstery protection in addition to your clean.

    So, if you are looking to protect your furniture, protect your upholstery, and add years of life to your furniture, take a look at getting fabric protection treatment applied to your upholstered furniture after we clean it.

    Get The Best Fabric Protector

    Protection of your furniture is important if you want your furniture to look new for many years to come. Upholstery protection treatment can make your furniture look brand new for many years to come. When you protect your furniture, you protect your investment, and you also protect the look of your home.

    PRO Upholstery Cleaning could protect your furniture from fading, warping, and general wear and tear by applying protection. Couch protection is one of the best types of protection to get. Most of these protection products are made to protect against damage caused by moisture, and thus can aid in stain removal and setting.

    Protection is also important if you want to keep your upholstery material looking brand new. Upholstery protection can add years of life to your furniture. Most protection products can be used to protect your furniture against damage caused by stains and mildew. Be sure to ask us about fabric protection treatment when you make a booking so that we can inform you of its benefits and the cost to protect the upholstery in your home or business.

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