Canvas Upholstery

Canvas upholstery is an excellent choice when looking to spruce up your furniture or add a touch of modern elegance to any room. Canvas fabric is breathable, strong, and easy to clean - making it an ideal fabric material for high-traffic furniture that won't sag after years of use.

Since it's fade and stain resistant, it also makes an excellent choice for outdoor seating or poolside furnishings. If you're looking for something classic and sophisticated that withstands the test of time and can be properly cleaned, canvas upholstery is the perfect choice for your home.

A Brief History

Long before it gained popularity as a fine-art painting medium, the canvas had been the favourite material for creating sails. Although the definition of "canvas" was looser in ancient times, sailors had used it to craft sails since at least Ancient Egyptian times. With Venice already being the centre of maritime business in Italy, Renaissance painters easily began adapting canvas sailcloth for use in producing their works of art.

In the past, they relied on frescos and wood panels; however, those worked suffered from damage and discoloration due to high ambient humidity. Artists initially preferred hemp over more widely popular cotton fabric because it provided a better surface for painting.

However, cotton products became increasingly beloved over time since they could come in any colour without adding extra coatings and were cheaper than hemp varieties. With these discoveries and its early functionality for shipbuilding, canvas quickly established itself as one of the most important mediums for both art and commerce throughout the ages.

Canvas Upholstery

How Is Canvas Upholstery Made?

Canvas is a strong and durable fabric, making it ideal for both utility and artistic purposes. The process used to create the fabric usually involves introducing the fibre of choice into a machine that interweaves fiber yarns together in a tight pattern. After the weaving is complete, the raw canvas will then be bleached, dyed, and treated to improve its strength and durability, depending on the intended usage.

For canvas intended to be used for painting or illustrative purposes, post-production processes such as sizing or priming may also be done in order to ensure optimal performance when applying colour. With regard to its versatility and malleability across a number of applications, the canvas is an invaluable material that continues to shape our lives every day.


Canvas fabric is renowned for its highly sought-after strength, durability, and versatility. Its abrasion resistance makes it the perfect choice for heavy items, such as camping equipment, outdoor furniture, and even industrial applications.

Additionally, canvas fabric is lightweight and breathable, which gives it a distinct advantage over rigid materials like metals or pipes. The flexibility of canvas fabric also allows users to easily develop various structures- from traditional tents to walls and sails.

Finally, canvas fabric comes in various colours and textures that enable designers to use their creative imagination in crafting original designs. No matter what the application may be, the consistent quality of canvas fabric ensures that any project will turn out to look magnificent.

Popular Uses

Canvas fabric lends itself well to many uses, including outdoor furniture, floor coverings, and more. Here are some of the most popular ways you can use canvas upholstery in your home:

Outdoor Furniture

Canvas upholstery is a great choice for outdoor furniture as it resists fading, mildew, and moisture. It can even be used on cushions and patio umbrellas for extra comfort.


This hardwearing fabric makes an excellent choice for curtains due to its durability and air permeability - it also helps to keep the room cool in hot weather and warm in cold temperatures.


Canvas material is often used for awnings you see on buildings or even on caravans

Upholstered Furniture

This fabric is perfect for upholstered furniture as it provides softness and comfort while remaining durable. It also resists staining, so you don't have to worry about dirt and spills ruining your furniture.

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