Polypropylene Upholstery

Polypropylene fabric is a textile that is widely used for upholstery purposes. The fabric is known for its ease of use, durability, and softness. It is also known as Olefin, and it is actually obtained through natural gas and oil production. The gas propylene was considered a waste product of natural gas and oil until the 1950s. It became useful when Giulio Natta, an Italian scientist, polymerized the gas propylene and it was then adapted into other uses.

In addition, polypropylene can be non-woven or woven. Non-woven fabrics are known for their versatility in materials. It can be machine-loomed and processes which leads to incredibly fast, mass-production. This makes this material more common and can also lower the cost of purchasing polypropylene upholstery or even rugs.

Polypropylene Upholstery

How is Polypropylene Upholstery Made?

Polypropylene is made through substances that are obtained from hydrocarbon fuels, such as petroleum oil. This is the main method for producing this fabric for upholstery:

• The first step is the extraction of monomer propylene. It is extracted from crude oil that is in the form of gas.

• In the next step, the monomer goes through a process called chain-growth polymerisation. It will lead to the creation of polymer polypropylene.

• Solid plastic material is obtained after a vast number of propylene monomers are put together.

• Now that a solid plastic material is formed, the next step is to make it a functional textile. For this, polypropylene resin is mixed with a variety of fillers, plasticisers, and stabilisers.

• The process of cooling the plastic follows it, and additives are added into molten polypropylene after the required substance is obtained.

• The plastic is then cooled into pellets and bricks, and the process of remelting further follows it. After remelting, it is made to form into sheets or cooled into moulds.

• The final step is to cut the thin fibers into the required shape which can then be used on textiles and garments.

Polypropylene is known to be solid and stain-resistant, and as such, it's commonly used for outdoor furniture such as chairs, sofas, and lounge suites.

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Polypropylene fabric is ideal for making upholstery and it has other uses in the textile industry. It’s commonly used for outdoor furniture, due to its durability and resistance to UV.

In addition, it is also less prone to wear and tear, unlike other fabrics. However, one of the drawbacks of a polypropylene couch would be its stiffness. Although it has great properties to hold up to some high traffic exposure, the material is not as comfortable compared to other fabrics.

It’s actually a great material for cleaning, and heat-set polypropylene will commonly be found in outdoor furniture, rugs, and even some living room sofas. It’s not the softest material out there, but it’s very durable and can last a long time if properly cared for.

If you’re looking for a new couch for the lounge room, then we would highly recommend a synthetic material like this. Although not as comfortable, it will hold up better if you have kids and animals in your household who will no doubt cause a few spillages.

Popular Uses

Polypropylene upholstery is very common and can be found in a range of different settings. As mentioned before, it's very common to be used for outdoor furniture cushions. It can also be used for standard furniture items such as couches, lounges, chairs, sofas, stools, and benches.

It's well-suited for bars or restaurants where it is more prone to drink spillage and food stains. Because of this, it's a popular choice for commercial venues to use this material in a lot of areas with high exposure. It can be used for booth seating in a pub or club, as some bench seating against a wall, and even upholstered onto a beautiful bespoke lounge.

This material is a fantastic choice for commercial and residential settings alike. It's also great for cleaning and can be maintained relatively easily with the use of professional upholstery cleaners. Be sure to consider getting polypropylene upholstery in your home or business and have a look around at all the amazing style options available.

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